Digital Marketing is not Free,

It’s not cost effective either,

It is more Productive

It’s a 2-way communication.

“41% of companies reported the cost of a bad hire was more than $25,000.” – CareerBuilder

Still thinking about an In-House for Digital Media!

No, then it’s good But if you’re thinking about it then just wait a second. Lets first complete reading this article, this might change your opinion completely!

Putting right one on Right Place

Hiring in-house could take months to find the right members capable of working harmoniously as one department is responsible for the content, campaign strategy, execution, and optimization.            It’s not an easy task to put right person in the right place, as sometimes some workers are effective, not efficient.

Introducing a New segment will Introduce new cost as well as new tensions.

Consider the ongoing costs of an in-house team:

* Office supplies, which may include laptops

* Multiple monitors


*Other digital equipment

*Monthly online tool subscriptions

*Ongoing training

*Miscellaneous office costs, such as phone services and Internet access

Expertise is what that is Needed Nowadays (Digital proficio offers you that)

You can run a business, but hoping to be expert in all the fields of business you are doing operations is not a good idea.  An individual can also be good in 2-3 activities which he/she is performing, but to be in every field it’s impossible for everyone.

Digital marketing company in india  (Digital proficio)

Digital proficio and our business expertise allow us to evaluate your brand’s needs and develop a powerful strategy that maximizes the profits. Instead of paying a large amount to every individual in your company, you can hire us the online digital marketing agency to perform all the task for you.

We’ll work with your company to improve efficiency and productivity. With our help, you’ll better define your objectives and set measurable goals