Rethink, Redesign & Recreate, an Event was successfully organized by TEDx at Zellerbach Hall in Berkeley California and witnessed a footfall of more than 1700 people which does not including volunteers and our team of TEDx.

Whether you are a small business owner looking for some hacks to give a boost to your current business sales or an entrepreneur who excels in the art of lead generation and converting them in a lifetime connections.

They had an outstanding line-up of speakers and performers this year, and the talks were centered around this year’s core theme: Rethink, Redesign, Recreate.

“Life is  a journey with problems to solve, lessons to learn, but most of all experiences to enjoy. Let me introduce you that there are folks on this planet who are  excelling daily in innovation and with vision in their eyes ,and also motivating who are searching for a ray of hope in dark”

Guy Kawasaki, an American marketing specialist, author, and Silicon Valley venture capitalist motivational speakers said that its okay to have some crappiness in your product but vital part is one should be willing to move ahead of a cure within which most of the companies are already in, because from there a real innovation starts, as cornerstone of his talk was The Art of Innovation.

Carol Sanford the most effective speaker who has told the cornerstone of being a responsible entrepreneur is presenting yourself as anyone who is helping to bring a new business into the world and that business will create a better world.

Expert  Kare Anderson spoke on the power of mutuality and how to think about mutuality in work relationships. What do you do well and with whom and when do you not? That wonderful sweet spot of shared interests can be an inoculation and help us see things in a bizarre way.

Other speakers included Leslie Lang, Roberto Hernandez, Sarah Hillware, Dr. Alan Greene, Edward Miguel, Dutta Satadip, Ashley Stahl, Paul Rucker, Tim Shields, Beth Kanter, Marnie Webb, Brenda Chapman all these vocalist, speakers, authors, story artist, socialist, humanitarians even a Nobel prize (Randy Schekman) winner from all nook and corners of the world were present  at one stage to share their experience with all the eaves-dropper.

This summit was first time organized in Lucknow by The Indus Entrepreneurs i.e. – TIE Lucknow, an organization which Fosters Entrepreneurship Worldwide through its strong network of veteran and budding entrepreneurs.

“Nothing teaches us better than our own experience”, so when we came to know that this event will be organized at our very own native place i.e Lucknow, Mr.Shalabh Saxena, Director, and Founder of Digital Proficio, was there to attend this summit.

An interactive and thought provoking session at Lucknow was addressed by Mr. Ranil Nair, a motivational speaker, and corporate trainer. The major idea was to discuss challenges faced by big small business owners and to Rethink on their issues, redefine the strategy and recreate those ideas.

Entrepreneurs come across a saturation point in their lives when they need to reassess their path as they are looking to move ahead to the next level of their business growth. This 2 and a half hour session was a festive bonus for them .The idea was to draw their attention towards a well-known  fact that innovativeness and effectiveness go hand in hand and can do wonders for any business at any point, so you instead of getting hooked up to one kind of strategy you should keep reassessing your business goals time to time.

TIE Lucknow, keep up the good work !