Do you think Pinterest can help in increasing your brand awareness and sales??  Many people think for the same question and answer to this question is BIG YES.

If you are having any women oriented brand then Pinterest Marketing can boost your sales very effectively.
You’ll be happy to know that you can skyrocket your followers on Pinterest… I have compiled the best tips to grow your Pinterest followers.

  • Build on your Pinterest success by accessing analytics

Pinterest Analytics can give you a lot of information about what is working well on your Pinterest account.

Which pins are getting the most traction?

1. You can see what your followers enjoy

Use this information to give them more of what they like!

If your followers are most likely to repin infographics you post, then posting more (relevant, targeted) infographics can get you even more repins, which makes you more visible to new people.

Those people can then follow you directly.

2. You can see which users pin your content the most

These are the people who can become brand ambassadors and promote your content. If someone is pinning a lot of your content, make sure you are following them back. Like and comment on some of their pins, because engagement is vital to encourage new relationships.

  • Gain Pinterest followers by posting regularly

The more you pin, the more visibility you have on Pinterest. For every awesome pin you share, your chances of being repinned by other users get higher.

Plus, you have a better chance of being found when users carry out a search. Don’t just post your own content. Mix it up by pinning from others’ blogs and sites, too. Keep the top-quality posts coming and fab new fans will follow!!

  • Cross-promote your pins with your other social media accounts

If you have just posted an amazing pin on Pinterest, post it to your other social media accounts and drive some of your followers elsewhere to your Pinterest page. They have already followed you in other places, so they want to see what you post!

Cross-promotion is a great way of letting people know that you have an active Pinterest account that they want to follow. Also… why not grab the attention of the fans of your Facebook Page by syncing your Pinterest posts?

  • Promote your Pinterest boards on your website

Convert your site visitors to Pinterest followers by making sure they know you are active on the site. Pinterest has a Widget Builder. You can choose to embed the Profile Widget, which shows up to 30 of your latest pins…Or the Board Widget, which shows up to 30 of your most recent pins from a particular board. First, you enter your Pinterest profile URL and then choose the size and shape of the widget.

I hope this will help you in getting more SOCIAL with Pinterest. For more tips on how to grow on social media connect with us. Please don’t forget to like us on facebook.