Social Media Marketing is playing a vital role now a days in promoting brands and enhancing business as it’s the fastest means of reaching your target audience in lesser period of time though if you are not making proper strategies you face hurdles in reaching out your expected goal.

Here are the 5 key points that you should always keep in mind in order to get the best results out of social media marketing:

1. Contentment has far more value then content

when we talk about ‘content marketing’, too many marketers are confusing the means with their own end. Our job is not to create content; it’s to create value for your brands. You need to spend as much time thinking about the outcome you want content to deliver as you do on creating the content itself.

2. Value needs to be created everywhere

Most marketers’ often thinks that the only time their brand can create a value exchange is when they sell their products and services, but this misses a whole world of opportunity because this is not true. Think beyond your products to identify your brands broader value proposition, and go on to identify new opportunities to create and deliver that value beyond your existing portfolio.

3. Don’t repeat again and again

In a world where we (as our brands) can interact with audiences in real time whenever we choose to and whenever we want to, there’s no excuse for repeating the same stories and stuffs again and again. We need to evolve beyond an advertising model that was designed to maximize media buying efficiency, and move to one defined by greater communications effectiveness.

4. Being a good listener and learning from your experience

your audiences are already telling you what they like and what they love – as well as what they dislike. We need to treat social media as an opportunity to learn as much as possible about the people we care about, and not just see it as an avenue to broadcast the things we want to say and we should focus on what our audience wants to see.

5. Being Democratic

Most brands still behave like autocratic dictators, imposing their views and ideas on the world. However, the future belongs to ‘democratic’ brands that co-create mutual value with their audiences and are democratic in terms of all things because social media works globally and our world is democratic.