Always turn a negative situation

Into a

Positive Situation

The era in which we are living is a phase where everyone among us first check the reliability of a product/service online that whether we can go for it or not and then opt it.

But what happens, if someone leaves your site with a bad comment or review?

We believe that it will make a bad remark on the goodwill of your company? Yes for sure it will. In a recent survey, it’s been assessed that customers usually drop the idea of choosing a company just because of a bad review.

Question asked – Have you ever left a local business on the basis of Online Review?

Almost 98% said yes they had left a business on the basis of an Online review. Tackle that effectively and make sure that your company will never lose a customer just because of a Bad Review.

Bad review!

There are several ways to approach for solving this problem But again some organizations opt for the one which is -review removed.

We are repeating that this is a terrible approach, don’t opt for it!

According to us the bad review is not the main problem. A bad review is the result of a problem. The real problem is whatever happened to your customer and your businesses that created that result

You Should Respond Publicly.

But Not To Defend Yourself.

Don’t feel offended when someone makes a bad remark on your product/services. Neither delete that from the social platform nor try to defend yourself.

What to do?

The response should be an apology for how they feel, and a request for an opportunity to make things right. Happy customers are the ultimate target we want to achieve at last, so just follow these 5 steps if there is a bad remark-

  • Hear
  • Empathize
  • Apologize
  • Resolve
  • Diagnose