The E-commerce industry in India is growing day by day and with time it’s only going to evolve more.

E-commerce business is flourishing because companies are going along with the new changing technology and are trying to meet the customer expectations.

You gain competitive advantage amongst your competitors by staying ahead with the evolving technology. As the technology progresses, search methods are also improving day by day.

ComScore has predicted that

  • 50% of all the searches will be voice driven by 2020,so it is important for the E-commerce companies should start making provision for the voice search.
  • 60% of the consumers now make purchases through digital channels.

The 1st factor that helps you stay ahead in the race, you need to make your presence on social media, if you are not selling on social media, you are lacking behind.

Optimize your message in such a manner that it is very appealing to your target audience, this is how you can make your marketing more effective. If your message does not read out what you are trying to say than your target audience will not be interested in your product or service. You need to reach out to your target audience where they spend most of the time and i.e. social media.

So the companies who do not have their presence on Social Media, they are losing one big opportunity. Social media platforms now have integrated buttons that direct the customers to the website so that they can make a purchase.

The most important part now for E-commerce companies will be Customer Experience. It  includes, Onsite user experience, Shipping and fulfillment, customer service, best of return process, trust safety and reliable handling data.

One more important factor that will boost the E-commerce is Personalization. Personalisation will give the essence of emotional touch to your customers. It is predicted by Gartner there will be a 15% boost in profit by 2020 who ever adopts for personalisation.

The E-commerce companies who will push themselves beyond the industry boundaries will stay ahead of all its competitors. Earlier nobody gave attention to customer experience, it was just like an optional paper in the exam which would help you increase your percentage so that you could stay ahead of your fellow class competitors.

But in 2019 and ahead the E-commerce companies need to raise their standards.

Another factor that will play a bigger role for ecommerce is building a community of fans and followers so that they can purchase from you via Omnichannel experience. Though the community building is not the new thing, but in 2019 it will help the companies increase their sales.

Your fans are only built if you position yourself better than your competitors, it’s about giving quality and engaging content to your customers, which will help you to make more sell for your products.

E-commerce companies need to be regular with its posts, content and even video on social media platforms. Keep updating your customers with entertaining blogs and useful newsletters. You can even engage with your fans by inviting them to a pop-up store and have a face to face more important factor grabbing the industry eye is the influencer marketing, so getting involved with one of the influencer in the industry will help you increase your engagement. Through omni channel it will help the customers to buy from anywhere, return anywhere and deliver anywhere.