Most of the business ventures into social media expecting to see a big return on investment (ROI). The hope is that new customers will come in the form is closed deals and the benefits will increase and revenue generation will be huge. However, this is rarely the case but it takes time to build momentum with social media and the benefits aren’t always as obvious as we would like so one should remain calm and consistent in order to achieve the goal.

93% of customers expect companies to have a presence on social media. At this point in the social media frenzy, most companies have at least some sort of social platform or presence in place. This may be a Facebook page to share content, a LinkedIn group to network with prospects, or perhaps a Pinterest page to showcase products. Want to know more about social media then read our previous blog-

According to research by the Social Media Examiner, Facebook continues to reign as the most used platform, used by 97% of B2C and 89% of B2B marketers. LinkedIn is also a popular choice for B2B, with 88% of B2B marketers regularly using LinkedIn for marketing. So you have to be very specific on choosing your right social media platform as per your niche like if you are in fashion or health niche then it will be of no use to have a LinkedIn page for promotions.


New customers are repeatedly asking us why we tell them it’s necessary to update, manage and build a following on their Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram pages on a daily basis. In other words, what they’re questioning is whether engaging on social media will bring in a healthy ROI? And since this concern is trending among small to medium-sized business owners in the non-virtual world, we decided to dedicate this blog to all those who are wondering if social media is truly a legitimate revenue generating platform or a bunch of trendy, new-age hoopla?

Here the best 4 ways you can increase revenue with social media:
1. Engage with Your Social Followers- Interact with your prospects on your social sites, ask them questions, and just as importantly, be sure you are promptly responding to their queries. Give special promotions or discounts to your social followers that you don’t advertise anywhere else.

2. Provide Customer Service Through Your Social Channels- Did you know that 42% of consumers complaining in social media expect a 60 minute or less response time? As increasing numbers of consumers today are choosing social media for customer service and they expect a fast response in return. When complaints aren’t quickly rectified, they can be very costly for your company.

3. Steer Social Followers to Your Website- Beyond engaging with consumers and responding to their customer service inquiries, your social platforms can be used to generate excitement, interest, and ultimately guide consumers to your e-commerce site.

4. Use Data-as-a-Service to Find In-Market Consumers- Your customers and prospects are having all sorts of conversations on social media about products and services you offer, your competitor’s name, or other discussions that may indicate readiness to purchase.
Each of these conversations would be impossible to monitor on an individual basis. However, using Digital Proficio, you can find “just the right” social conversations to target new prospects or engage with current customers.

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