How to Train your secretary to manage your social pages

“Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts,

Never Fears, and never Regrets.”


Handling your own single social media account is a very difficult task, and it takes a lot of time for someone to completely understand about all the social media platforms.

Being Active on the social platforms is something different than handling the accounts for someone and for that one must have proper knowledge about social media marketing. Example – how to create content, posts, Seo etc.

If not then must know how to take along all the activities with the team.

Training your secretary to manage your social pages

Great Leaders

Don’t tell what to do

They show How It’s Done.

Digital proficio do this so that you won’t face any hindrance in your social platform.Be a kind of leader who not only gives directions to their listeners but walk along them, so that they have a confidence and ultimately the organization got a benefit at the end.

Here are a few tips to make sure you bring your new hire up to speed quickly and avoid micromanaging their work–this way you can both be as productive as you possibly can.

aware them about every social platform

According to us making them aware about all the platforms they need to operate is the first step in training your assistant.


 Ask your assistant to write up your procedures while you show them what they are.


 It’s simply a matter of recording delegated tasks in a standard location where your assistant can mark off their progress on them


In addition to the one-off tasks you delegate, you’ll likely have quite a few recurring tasks assigned to your assistant.


The meeting seems to be time wasters but in reality, it’s not true. Meetings generally held to solve the problems and for clarifications of queries.