The law of sales says:
“People buy products from people they like”

So, here are few tips to make your business likable 


“It’s all about conversations, the best communicators start as best listeners”

-Bryan Solis, social media Manifesto

Research: Get to know who your customer is? Start from research; Assemble the information about your customers. Notice the conversations, to find out who is curious to avail your product and services.

Follow them to find out where they are sharing all the information.


Establish your pages and profiles on social media, where your customers are present so they can easily find you. This will help your business to get noticed, after that it’s your turn to approach them and start a conversation.


Find out who is talking about your product and services, mentioning you in their timeline and stories. Initiate to communicate with them, provide more information about the related products and services.

Try to make them feel special.

Provide Incentives: Offers always get the customers attracted and are worthwhile for the business.

Categorize your customers according to the pattern they buy, for example, some wait for new arrivals and lunches, some for discounts and offers, some for special occasions.

Share the information about upcoming products, new launches and news about the latest arrivals according to the preferences of customers.Do more than just selling: don’t ever choose hard selling. always be in touch with your customers to understand their likes and dislikes, answer their queries.

Try to be a friend to them by listen to their problems and try to solve it.

Customer service: Maybe some customers are unsatisfied with your product or service. Reach out to them before they reach you. Provide them with the best possible Marketing solution as soon as possible.

Track results: always keep an eye on the results, after every action you had done. The analysis of changes after every campaign, online advertisement, post, and review is very important.

Invite your special customers for their reviews and ask them for improvement if there any.

Be useful: Help your customers in the best possible way at any time, make yourself available for them when they need you.

Share expert advice to help them as well as ask for their opinions.