Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing all industries one by one like a wildfire. The next target is Digital marketing which is already in a dynamically evolving phase.

“By far, the greatest danger of AI is that people conclude too early that they understand it.”

What exactly is AI?

Artificial intelligence is an umbrella term that includes a wide range of more or less matured technologies which simulates functions of a human brain. This family includes machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing and generation, linked data and many other fields of computer science.

But the question is ”How can AI help already existing aspects of digital marketing?”  Well, all thanks to social media outreach and the tons of data that technology users leave behind every moment during internet surfing.

Relationship: AI and Digital marketing

Recent years have witnessed considerable confidence amongst marketers with regards to AI and its applications. This is probably because of more and more sectors reaping significant benefits from this. How can we miss out on Tesla’s self-driving cars, the sarcastic Siri and not talk about how Google’s AI can learn video games in mere hours (exciting! Isn’t it?).

AI is not limited to big data, internet of things or machine learning. It can tremendously boost digital marketing with below mentioned potential areas:-

Revolutionizing user experience

The customer is the king of any business and content is king of a marketer.

Aligning your “content marketing strategy” can be groundbreaking.
Chatbots-Multi dimensional communication systems with sensory abilities such as touch and voice would personalize customer experience as they receive the impression of talking to a real person.

Augmented reality with this, customers can see and feel the product before its actual purchase. This will help marketers have an actual idea of relevant audience beforehand.

Predictive marketing

User browsing data is collected for AI analysis and reveals information like user behavior, needs, and possible future actions. Based on this, marketers can supply Relevant Information and services to customers by creating targeted campaigns. This predictive campaigns can reduce customer research on product/service and make decision making easier (So, both marketers and customers are happy!).

content writing agency: Writing and editing with AI

Intelligent technologies can easily automate content discovery, reading, writing, SEO, content distribution, data analysis and much more.

Below mentioned are popularly used AI tools:-

  1. Acrolinks:-Its intelligence is focussed on maintaining internal coherence between diverse documents in terms of language, the tone of voice.
  2. Grammarly:- One of the most popular AIs in the market, it quickly proofreads on your content as it acts as a text editor and can easily be integrated with other tools.
  3. Wordlist:- Specifically designed for WordPress, this intelligence translates your article into metadata that machines can understand. This can then be used by chatbots, digital assistants.
  4. Crystal:- It monitors stats from different channels and media(including your website too) for performance analysis. It makes publishing new content easy and automates campaign management.
  5. Quill engage:-It allows you to turn data into contextual interpretations and suggest marketers the next action towards their goals. (isn’t data analysis the thing that machines do best?)

Maximize ROI by image recognition

Social media is built on visual content (We all like pictures more than text). AI can understand consumer pattern and behavior with these visuals and draw a conclusion by comparing social media images to large image library (Big tasks if we had to do it!).

Marketing is a game of perception. AI gives you the correct angle.