The world is very diverse with different and unique languages. Alone in India, there are more than 234 million homegrown speakers, that are on the Internet. Like any other medium, Digital marketing services india also needs to tap this segment for better brand reach. English has been the more accepted language for content, but as per the current change, Indian language users are inclined towards taking information from internet. At present the information comprises of  news and entertainment. As per the recent scenario in next few years, 9 out of 10 users will look for content in one of the Indian languages.

As per the research the vernacular consuming content user in India is to grow over 540 million by 2021. 60% of these users find  the lack of availability of relevant content because of this it’s a hurdle for them to adapt to online services.

The marketers should grab this opportunity to explore this segment. The main objective of every Digital marketing company in india is to spread brand awareness or get conversions for their campaign. From these two whatever the objective it may be, the important part is to reach maximum people, because of the unavailability of vernacular content the possible customers are untapped.

The demand for vernacular content is credited to the reality that it’s simple and can be accessible to more people. Nowadays, more people use smart phones, so it’s important to have mobile – friendly content. Not only news and entertainment, vernacular content is taking place into payment platforms and e-commerce websites as well. It is important for the marketers to plan their campaigns, keeping in mind the vernacular content customers.

It depends on the marketers how they grab the opportunity to grow the digital arena.88% of the internet users react to the ads in their local languages replacing English.

One e.g. for vernacular content is WhatsApp, accepted the shift by letting 200 million monthly users in India to change the language within the App.

It’s time for the marketers to change, to change from English holding Content that many Indians don’t understand. Delivering content in English may be easier and faster than any other local language, it may be worth because of the huge customer base it has.

Vernacular users area which remains to be untapped. If marketers focus on the regional content, Internet will grow in India by 24%. This is the best time for the content writing agency to plunge into this segment.