“Great advertising makes good food taste better. It makes the car run better. It changes the perception of everything” – George Lois

With an increase of  387,570,000 in the PPC of United States people, this reflects a great boom in the purchasing power of the residents than of last year. The More you advertise, the more you get and we advice you the same as well.

Advertising is at the front of delivering the proper message to customers and prospective customers, and not everyone is connected to social platforms. Although the best advertising is being done by the satisfied customer by your services/product it’s not an ideal idea to drop other advertising!

Psychology is as much important as sociology is in today’s world…

Harry Hollingworth was a psychologist who researched to find about the effective advertising in terms of psychology and provide the useful content us to understand as follows-

1) attract a consumer’s attention,

2) focus the attention on the message,

 3) make the consumer remember the message

 4) cause the consumer to take the desired action and

5)  provide the sense of belongings

Once people become consciously aware of a particular advertisement, they need to store the message in their memories long enough to provoke a purchase.

We care about our customers that’s why always convey the truth!

All the other marketing sources except social platforms serve as an important factor to influence just like social media do.

  • Outdoor – billboards
  • Print – Newspaper, Magazines, Pamphlets, or Trade journals.
  • Television – Virtual advertisements, Infomercial
  • Radio- Air transmission of information

All these medium trigger multiple senses of the viewer of the advertisement, and triggering them is all about getting them engaged in your product.

“starting a business and not doing marketing is just like opening it and not telling anyone about it