Different Social Media Platforms

Instagram can provide a ‘look book’, where small businesses promote unique gift ideas. And it’s an endless product catalog in people’s pockets, where advertisers are promoting their new styles and enabling people to discover and start shopping. A stream of continuous product advertisements and bombardment of daily website offers is NOT the ideal way to create a social media campaign for fashion brands. Brands should offer a Lifestyle instead of products.

Twitter is a conversation channel. It is not a simple broadcast channel and most definitely not a channel to spam people with sales, discounts and promos. It is a channel to develop a community around your brand. Follow other brands in your Niche. Also invest in video making for your brand. Go for brand awareness and infuse fun and entertainment in your videos. Create few Hash tags for your brand and particular collections. Play close attention on twitter mentions, they can help widen your Audience.

Tweet-IG uses

Mobile Applications: Myntra, a leading fashion portal in India, had converted to only mobile-based platform a few years back. Flipkart Mobile App is second in the list of ‘top mobile apps” in India. These trends show that consumers prefer mobile applications for following and purchasing fashion.

Promoting Fashion Shows through Social Media

When it comes to promoting major Fashion Events, social media also takes the forefront.
London Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week were actively promoted through Instagram Accounts. Fashion designers, event sponsors, and fashion bloggers further shared the event posts.


Both the New York Fashion Week(#NYFW2017) and London Fashion Week(#LFW2017) received numerous posts from their followers on Instagram.
Social Media Campaigns for such Fashion events should ideally be planned in 3 stages.

This phase focused on creating a buzz about the event, with respect to the theme of the event.
Online Contests can be posted on Facebook and Twitter, where free passes for the event can be the Prize. The followers can be asked to tweet their pictures highlighting the Event theme or Share their experience/story on Facebook, in respect to the theme.

Posts which are supported by the content curated for the Event are posted during this phase.
The Day That Went By- a concise version of each day of the event which highlights the best designers, showstopper moments etc.
Paparazzi Alert: – pictures of the film stars or other celebrities spotted at the event along with their thoughts about the collection.
Runway Looks- a stream of content which displays the best designs on the runway which are stirring the fashion experts.
Vines: – Back Stage few seconds videos of models during hair & make-up etc.

Post Launch: –

Sharing the product reviews posted by the Bloggers on their sites. Any online articles shared by lifestyle website about the Fashion Event must also be shared on the social media.

Merging Fashion Products with Popular Online Trends

Every artist who dreams of becoming a social media celebrity also dreams of having his own clothing line. Fashion brands also make it a point to involve celebrities in designing their collections.

Few such recent examples of fashion merged with trending topics are JoJo Bows and HiDesign Beauty and the Beast Collection.

  1. JoJo Siwa, aged 13, is an American social media star who has a whopping 3.7 million followers on YouTube and 5.2 million followers on the Instagram account. She has also recently launched collaboration with high street chain Claire’s Accessories, selling bows endorsed by her for £8-£10 (Rs.650 to Rs.800).
  2. Hidesign has just collaborated with Disney Studios to release a limited-edition handbag collection inspired by the movie, Beauty and the Beast. This collection is a combination of slings, totes, satchels and wallets in a color palette of red, blue, brown and white.

Innovative Social Media Campaign for a Fashion Brand

Fly RobeOnline Apparel Rental Service


Flyrobe offers high fashion brands and designer collections at affordable rental prices for 2-8 days with pan India delivery options.

It started its promotion on social media through a parody video with a popular Indian YouTube Channel.

They also shared customer stories on their website. Filled with customer experiences and reviews about Fly Robe. Few female celebrities almost shared their experiences with Flyrobe on the company’s website as well as Twitter and Instagram

They also started a fashion blog on their website and had a collaboration with the domestic travel company, OLA Cabs for generating more sales.

We would like to conclude by sharing some great tips to follow when beginning your fashion brand’s social media campaign:

  • Know Your Audience!
  • Know Your Brand’s Voice and Values
  • Know Your Platform!
  • Give ‘em What They Want!
  • Generate Exciting, Informative, and Relevant Content
  • Keep Product Selling to a Minimum
  • Waiting Lists Can Generate Brand Awareness & Interest!

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