Although 81 percent of marketers say influencer marketing is effective yet the rising price tag of roping in the big-name influencers for promoting your brand has made the companies venture out to new groups of online marketers, their employees.

One of the top E-commerce players in India, Flipkart seems to have plunged head first into Employee Advocacy for Social Media. They call their employees, Flipsters and have Separate Social Media Accounts dedicated to them titled, ‘Flipkart Stories’.


For Example, a question posted on Quora was answered by a Former Vendor Manager at Flipkart with pictures of the Flipkart Main Office received an impressive 19800 upvotes. The question was regarding the coolest corporate office in Bangalore City. The employee answered in favour of Flipkart Main Office as the best corporate building

An answer on Quora voting for Flipkart Main Office as the coolest office in Bangalore City



Decathlon, a french sporting goods company, also makes their employees ‘Live the Brand’. From giving out newly launched products for trials to employees to taking sales team on adventure sports for annual meets. It also never uses models for its brandings. They are either imminent sportsperson or employees.



IBM – IBM does not have a corporate blog or twitter account. But they have around 52000 Internal Blogs that are being managed bu their employees.

IBM, which ranks 14th on Fortune 500 List truly believes that their employees, IBMers, are the voice of the company.



Nestaway, India’s fastest growing “Home Rental Network”, also encourages its team members to share its content on their social media profiles. I actually got to know about this startup, earlier when it had just started, through my friends facebook posts, who is an employee there.

Bahubali 2 Jewelry Collection Design Company 

Dolly Verma-Blog

Also, all the jewellery in the recent blockbuster Bahubali 2: The Conclusion, was handled by Amrapali Jewels based in Jaipur. A batchmate from my college, who graduated in Accessory Design, is a designer with the firm. And all her recent posts are related to the jewellery collection of Bahubali.

Thus, I would like to conclude that engaging your employees for promoting your Social Media content on their personal Social Media accounts is many benefits.

It ensures better engagements as posts shared by user accounts has 16 times better reach compared to brand accounts. Also, your employees feel more connected towards your company’s values.

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Blog By – Tushar Khurana ( SMM Intern ) Digital Proficio